Luristan Bronze Horse Snaffle


A Luristan horse snaffle made of bronze. Each of the curved bar cheekpieces has been cast with a stylised animal’s head at the top, most likely a ram with swirling horns. Similarly, the lower tips take the form of hooves. A central bar, made from two adjoining pieces, joins the two cheekpieces together. The snaffle is supplied with a purpose-made display stand (height with stand 22 cms).

Date: Circa 6th - 4th century BC
Condition: Very fine condition


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A snaffle is the simplest and most usual type of bit used in horse riding. It consists of a bit mouthpiece with a ring on either side, and acts by applying direct pressure. The general type of bit began to appear in the eighth century BC, but this specific kind is more prevalent in the Achaemenian period. Animal hoof terminals are one of the scarcer types that are known.

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Weight 448 g
Dimensions H 16 cm



Reference: For similar items, compare item 52; ‘Ancient Persian Bronzes in the Adam Collection’; P.R.S. Moorey