Roman Bronze Armoured Door Studs


A selection of Roman, bronze, armoured door or furniture studs, formed in a variety of forms and sizes. The majority of the pieces have either domed, or more pointed conical heads, with a squared shaft tapering into a sharp point.

Weight: Individually between 15g and 38g

N.B. Please note that this is a general lot and each stud is priced individually. Individual selection is not available.

Date: Circa 1st - 4th Century AD
Provenance: From a UK collection before 2000. Acquired from a London, UK, gallery.
Condition: Good Condition. Some of the studs have a broken shaft. There is a green patination over the exterior along with some remaining earthly encrustations.

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Studs such as these would fall under an umbrella term of ‘fastings and fittings’ and encompasses nails, textile studs and furniture fittings. They are amongst the most commonly found archaeological discovery, and when found in isolation it is hard to necessarily distinguish their original purpose. Size may be an indicator, with larger studs ruling out the possibility of them being used for textiles. Door studs, such as these, were traditionally used for protective purposes, as they would strengthen wooden doors against the threat of weapons attack. It would be considerably harder to hack through a door with an axe or battering ram with such reinforcements. Over time, however, their use may have shifted to a purely decorative addition. Bronze was not cheap, and so any ‘unnecessary’ usage would have indicated a level of aspirational wealth.

Dimensions L 5.0 x W 2.6 cm



Reference: For similar: Portable Antiquities Scheme, UK, ID LEIC-5209B3

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