Roman Bronze Thumb-Form Pestle


An ancient Roman bronze ornament elegantly modelled in the shape of a finger. The digit is curved to show the joints, and is finely crafted to show details such as the muscles and the fingernail. The base of the finger terminates in a flat, circular end, showing that this was created as a complete artefact, rather than having been removed from a larger anatomical figure. The bronze features some light patination.

Date: Circa 1st-3rd century AD
Condition: Fine condition. Some light patination on the surface of the bronze. Mounted on a custom made stand.


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An instrument such as this would have most likely have been used with a mortarium, the quivalent of our pestle and mortar. Mortaria were stout bowls used for grinding and pounding . Pottery examples were given a rough surface by sprinkling grit into the clay before firing, giving the bowl a surface on which to grind food against easily.

Weight 91.5 g
Dimensions L 7.5 x H 5 cm