Roman Navigational Dividers


A pair of ancient Roman bronze dividers with balustered shafts, fixing pin through the spindle, and iron wedge. The long and thin bronze shafts taper towards the end and both present pairs of parallel strokes decorating the body. These are held together by a fixing pin presenting a circular shape and light decorations on its surface.

The object comes with a custom-made stand for display.

Period: 1st - 3rd cent. AD
Provenance: Acquired on the London art market prior to 1980.
Condition: Very good.


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Instruments were used by Roman seafarers in conjunction with more traditional means of navigation. These included following the coastline by day, or using the stars to plot a course by night. Songs and mythological stories also assisted sailors in remembering navigational information. Bronze manufacts are rare and precious evidence of ancient Roman workmanship, many of which have been lost, melted and recast into new objects throughout the later centuries.

Weight 64.3 g
Dimensions L 22 cm




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