Selection of Medieval British Bronze Thimbles


A fine selection of Medieval, British thimbles made from bronze. Each features a domed shape with small circular indentations in a horizontal spiral on the sides up to the top.


Date: Circa 13th-16th century AD
Condition: Fine condition. Export licence required for international purchase. The application will be arranged by the seller, at no additional charges for the buyer. The item can only be shipped after the licence has been obtained.
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Thimbles of this shape are known as the ‘beehive’ type, one of the most common types of Medieval metal thimbles found in England. Another common type is the ‘open-top’ type, or ‘ring thimbles’. During the Medieval period, metal thimbles were usually cast or hammered, and the indentations were hand punched following various patterns such as spirals, vertical columns, and parallel horizontal bands. The size of the indentations was determined by the size of the needle against which the thimble was intended to use. Decorative motifs became more common on thimbles from the 16th century, along with maker’s marks which typically appear at the end of the indentation spiral, near the rim.

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