Ancient Roman Bronze Steelyard Weight of a Male Head


A finely modelled Roman cast bronze, lead filled steelyard weight in the form of a male head, featuring a suspension loop to the top. The young male’s facial features are clear and rendered in a slightly stylised manner. This includes a prominent unibrow, large and hollow almond-shaped eyes, a broad nose, large ears, and a peaceful smile. Executed through incised vertical lines, his hair is neatly arranged to the back of the head while there is a fringe to the front. Patination is visible to the surface.

Date: Circa 1st-4th Century AD
Condition: Fine condition with patination to the surface.


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Bronze weights were used as counterbalances on sets of steelyard scales, and are often found cast in the form of male and female busts. As a way of imparting authority to the weight, they often depict deities or emperors who assured the customer of an honest and fair transaction. These were generally filled with lead and had suspension loops projecting from the top of the head to allowed them to be looped through a chain and hung from a balance.


Weight 321.2 g
Dimensions L 6.8 x W 3.6 cm




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