Mesopotamian Veined Agate Duck Weight

£ 300.00

A Mesopotamian agate weight engraved in the form of a sleeping duck. Carved from the semi-precious stone agate, the duck head is turned facing backwards and resting on its back. The base of the weight features incised lines arranged in a geometrical composition and is pierced through the neck for suspension. The agate displays beautiful bands of contrasting orange-brown colours within the translucent stone.

Date: Circa 3rd – 2nd Millennium BC
Condition: Very fine condition.


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Ancient Mesopotamia traded with many different regions, exporting different types of goods, and sets of standard weight became essential tools in conducting businesses. The weights themselves were usually made of a very hard stone like hematite, alabaster or agate. One of the most common shapes for Mesopotamian weights was the ‘sleeping duck’, as shown in this example.

Weight 2.66 g
Dimensions L 2 x W 0.9 cm

Semi-Precious Stones


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