Roman Bronze Steelyard Balance


A Roman steelyard balance comprising a square cross-section rod with conical terminals and incised with measuring marks. The end of the rod with two attachment hooks and one stirrup hingeing ring with two additional hooks suspended on chains from a collar. Supplied with a purpose-made display stand.

Date: Circa 1st-2nd century AD
Period: Roman Imperial
Condition: Very Fine with green and reddish brown patina; surfaces just a little rough.


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Weight 69 g
Dimensions L 18.5 cm



Reference: Cf. Sir. W.F. Flinders Petrie, Ancient Weights and Measures, 1926, London repr. 1974, p. 29, pl. XVI Also cf Christies, UK 1979; coll. JS, Netherlands,1980, cat. 217, 47

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