Displayed Anatolian Bronze Arrowhead


A fine Anatolian bronze, triangular-shaped arrowhead featuring a slight raised midrib and short tang for fitting onto the wooden shaft. The blade has rounded edges and beautiful green patination to the surface. The arrow has been placed in the lid of a modern custom-made box.

Date: Circa 10th-6th Century BC
Condition: Excellent condition. Arrowhead length 7.5cm.


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Arrowheads of this type have been recovered across many different ancient cultures inhabiting the Anatolian and Near Eastern regions during the Iron Age and were used in battles and for hunting.

Anatolia, also known in antiquity as Asia Minor, was located in the Anatolian Peninsula, part of modern Turkey today. It is one of the first regions to have boasted bronze production, much like Luristan culture in modern day-Iran. Arrowheads of similar style were popular across Transcaucasian civilisations, dating from the 1st millennium onwards, and have been recovered in burials’ excavations.

Weight 398.8 g
Dimensions L 17 x W 13 x H 4.5 cm



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