Framed Luristan Bronze Arrowhead

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A finely cast Luristan bronze arrowhead featuring a curved triangular-shaped blade slightly bilobate-like. A slightly raised midrib which fades into a sharp point is visible although masked by the earthly encrustation. The straight cutting edges terminate into curved barbs and then slope into a relatively long stem and a square-sectioned tang.

Date: Circa 1800-600 BC
Condition: Good condition. Earthly encrustation and patination to the surface.


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Luristan bronze comes from the province of Lorestan, a geographic and historic region of western Iran that is situated within the Zagros Mountains. The region has been settled. By a number of people such as the Medes, the Kassites, and Persians. These bronze objects probably date back to roughly 1000 – 650 BC. Due to the nomadic nature of the tribe none of the bronze works were of great size, since they required to be light and easily portable. Rather majority of the Luristan Bronze were discovered in funerary contexts.

Weight 274.2 g
Dimensions L 20 x W 15 cm



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