Bronze Age Axe Head with Decoration


A British Late Bronze Age socketed axe head, featuring a corded band around the socket and decorated on both sides with a simple geometric design of faint horizontal, parallel lines. The casting seam is visible above and below where the two halves have been joined. The surface is covered in a beautiful dark olive green patination. Axe heads have been vastly recovered from all stages of the British Bronze Age, however socketed and looped axe heads, such as this example, have been usually dated to the last part of the British Bronze Age.

Date: Circa 1200-800 BC
Period: British Late Bronze Age
Condition: Good condition, surface is covered in a green patination.


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European Bronze Age farmers differed from their stone-cutting predecessors – they used horses and chariots to work; kept flocks of sheep for woollen clothing; and used bronze as a standard commodity of exchange. Technological development was rapid; the manufacture of tools and weapons increased; and specialised equipment emerged for shaving, woodworking, and metalworking. Axes such as this one would have been used primarily for clearing woodland and for shaping timber, but would also have proved useful in battles.

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Weight 264.4 g
Dimensions L 10.8 x H 4.5 cm



Reference: For a similar item, The British Museum, item 1966,1208.3 .

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