Chinese Xia Dynasty Stone Axe

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A Chinese stone axe from the Xia Dynasty featuring a rectangular blade with a convex cutting edged. The rounded edges slope into a slightly narrower poll. The surface of the axe was polished to create the smooth flat faces, now with visible scratch marks due to aging.

Date: Circa 2070 -1600 BC
Period: Xia Dynasty
Condition: Fine condition, signs of wear from age.


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The Xia Dynasty, based in Henan province, was the first Chinese dynasty said to have been established by Yu the Great. He was a legendary king also known as an ancient hero who managed to successfully control and tame the flooding waters from the Yellow River. After thirteen years, he managed to create channels that would lead the water into the sea avoiding damage to the settlements. Yu’s dedication to the cause, leaving his home, wife and son until the matter was resolved along with visiting most of the country effected by the floods, gave him legendary status. The Xia Dynasty entered a new era, the beginning of a more structured society rather than the previous primitive ways. The country was divided into nine states for better regulation, and both cultural and military developments were succeeded.


Weight 372.5 g
Dimensions L 17.2 x W 7.3 cm


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