Elamite Axe with Snake Decoration


An Elamite cast bronze axe with a finely decorated cylindrical shaft which has been sharply cut away at an angle at its lower end. The shaft is enriched in relief on either side of the corded rib with two snakes. One features a moving snake at a diagonal angle, whilst the other sits curled above. The flattened blade is initially narrow, and broadens to a crescentic edge.

Date: Circa 2nd Millenium BC
Period: Early Bronze Age
Condition: Fine condition with light accretions, surfaces slightly rough but good stable metalwork.

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Elamite craftsmen developed great skill in bronze working, producing some of the finest tools and weaponry then available. These include a great number of ornaments, tools, weapons, horse-fittings, as well as a smaller number of vessels. They have been uncovered in recorded excavations, and have generally come from burials. The ethnicity of the people who created them remains unclear, though they may well have been related to the modern Lur people (who have given their name to the area).

Elamite weapons were influenced by Elamite and Mesopotamian metalwork in the area circa 2500 – 1500 BC.

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Dimensions H 8.8 cm



Reference: For similar item, see The British Museum, London, item number: 1945,1015.3

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