Elamite Bronze Axe


A bronze axe head with short, cylindrical shaft-hole. The top and base of the shaft are collared, giving the axe a solid appearance. The crescentic blade is impressive, and it would have intimidated the enemies in the battle. The surface of the piece presents green patination, beautiful markings of the passing of time.

Date: Circa Mid-2nd Millennium BC
Period: Early Bronze Age
Condition: Very fine condition, complete and intact with areas of pale green patinated accretions.

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The Elamite empire was a powerful and long-lasting civilization that reigned in the Middle East from ca. 2700-540 BC. Elamite craftsmen developed great skill in bronze working, producing some of the finest tools and weaponry then available. These include a great number of ornaments, tools, weapons, horse-fittings, as well as a smaller number of vessels. They have been uncovered in recorded excavations, and have generally come from burials. The ethnicity of the people who created them remains unclear, though they may well have been  related to the modern Lur people (who have given their name to the area).


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Reference: For similar item, see The British Museum, London, item number: 1930,1220.2

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