European Bronze Age Axe Head


A fine European Bronze Age socketed axe head with a rectangular body extending to a slightly convex cutting edge. A thick ridge frames the socketed mouth. A single pronounced ridge runs across the top and bottom of the axe fading into the uneven blade from where the two pieces have been fixed together. A small loop used to secure the axe head to a wooden shaft has been attached to the lower section of the axe. Some patination is visible; small chip towards the cutting edge.

Date: Circa 1200-800 BC
Period: Bronze Age
Provenance: J.L collection, Surrey, UK. London Mayfair gallery, UK. Dr D.G. collection, 1990s-2019
Condition: Excellent condition, vibrant green patination visible across the surface.


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European metalwork saw a rapid technological development. The manufacture of tools and weapons increased and specialised in producing equipment for shaving, woodworking, and metalworking. Axe heads such as this one would have been used primarily for clearing woodland and for shaping timber, but would also have proved useful in battles.

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Weight 300.4 g
Dimensions L 13.6 x H 5.4 cm


Time Period


Reference: For a similar item,The British Museum, item 1866,0627.65

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