Large Danish Neolithic Axe Head


A Neolithic thick-butted axe head made of flint. With an elongated trapezoid outline and convex sides, the stone features good workmanship. It features fine knapping along the top and lower edges, with smaller areas of cortex still remaining.

Date: Circa 2800 - 2400 BC
Condition: Very fine condition, complete and intact.


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The Neolithic period was one of great technological development in human evolution. During this age, stone was used to make a wide variety of tools, the gradual advancement of which culminated in the invention of metal implements. The Neolithic period saw the advent of farming, which led to the First Agricultural Revolution: the transition from a lifestyle of hunting and gathering to one of agriculture and settlement. During this time, communities began to cultivate land and to domesticate animals.

Many of the artefacts recovered from this period are axes, which were used to fell trees and to shape timber for construction.


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