Luristan Bronze Axe Head

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A Luristan cast bronze axe head featuring a cylindrical socket with a crescent shaped collar which rises sharply at the back and curls over above the protruding knob. Incised horizontal bands further decorate the shaft around the top and bottom. The blade features a crescent shape and is slightly convex with the upper and lower edge strengthened by thickening. Some patination remains on the surface.

Date: Circa 1250-650 BC
Provenance: The J.L Private Collection, Surrey. Previously from a German private collection, Cologne.
Condition: Fine condition


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Bronze weapons represent the most common examples of Luristan metalwork and some of the finest weaponry then available. Among these, shaft-hole axes, adzes and pick-axes have been reported in great numbers and in a variety of forms. They have been vital to understanding the chronology and development of bronze metallurgy in the Lorestan region. Specifically, axe-heads such as this fine example reflect the influence of Elamite and Mesopotamian metalwork in the area. Mostly recovered in funerary contexts, Luristan weapons were likely to have been used not only in everyday life, but also hold ceremonial purposes.

To discover more about the Luristan Empire, please visit our relevant blog post: The Luristan Empire: Beauty of Bronze.

Weight 206.5 g
Dimensions L 11 x W 8 cm



Reference: For a similar shape,The British Museum, item 134913

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