Luristan Bronze Shaft-Hole Axe with Cord Decoration


A beautifully patinated Luristan bronze axe head. The shaft was cast with decoration in relief to simulate the corded binding used in more ancient times when the blade had to be bound to the shaft. Ridged rim towards the top and a central rib running along the top. Beautiful glossy almost black surfaces with patches of green patination.

Date: Circa 1200-800 BC
Provenance: From a collection of arms and armour, Cologne, Germany 1990-2005
Condition: Very Fine: Complete and intact with good stable metal.


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Luristan objects are for the majority bronze cast items decorated with bronze sculptures and there have been many discovered in the Lorestān Province. This includes many weapons, tools and finials along with small amulets and fittings. The decorative technique is predominately openwork with Scythian art influences. However, the identity of those who created these fine pieces are still unknown to this day. Animals were often featured as decorations, they ranged from mammals such as ibexes and large bird to zoomorphic creatures including griffins. A prime and popular example is the Master of Animals which usually depicts a man or women holding animals or just the animals themselves facing each other on finials or standards. This imagery can be seen across the Mesopotamian civilisations. Everyday objects were also desired which included pins and bracelets. Most of the Luristan bronze items have been recovered in funerary contexts, suggesting they had a ceremonial function.

To discover more about the Luristan Empire, please visit our relevant blog post: The Luristan Empire: Beauty of Bronze.

Weight 534 g
Dimensions H 8.5 cm



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