Medieval Iron Poleaxe


A Medieval poleaxe cast from iron featuring a short cylindrical shaft hole with a crescent shaped blade, each side curving round to a point. To the other side, a protruding knob, possibly once holding a hammer, a common attribute of Medieval poleaxes.

Date: Circa 14th-15th Century AD
Condition: Fine condition, slight erosion of iron.


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The poleaxe, also known as pollaxe was the favoured weapon of knights during the 14th to 16th century AD and predominantly used by foot soldiers. It is a versatile weapon including a sharp blade for cutting, one swing could tear apart limbs, and for crushing, particularly opponents armour, with the hammer. An additional dagger was sometimes added to the top for thrusting. The weapon became popular as it was able to penetrate armour and has usually been depicted in mass battles suggesting it was used across many cultures. The poleaxe was another form of demonstrated status by the style and embellishment of the piece.

Weight 300 g
Dimensions L 14.9 x W 13.3 cm



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