Prehistoric Neolithic Stone Battle Axe


A fine Neolithic battle axe carved from stone featuring a leaf shaped blade perforated through the centre for the shaft-hole. A protruding butt sits to one end with the edges slightly expanding to a crescent shaped cutting edge. The smooth, polished surface displays a raised midrib to both sides.

Date: Circa 3500-2500 BC
Period: Middle Neolithic period
Provenance: From a Surrey gentleman's collection (DG), purchased on the London Art Market from an ADA member, formed 1990's onward.
Condition: Excellent condition, a few minor chips to the butt.


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Weapons produced from stone were popular during the Neolithic period. Once the perfect stone was found, a hammer would chip away forming the desired shape with the shaft hole produced from drilling on both sides. Once the shape was created, the piece was then polished by using a wet stone slab and possibly sand. The wooden handle would then be attached through the perforation ready for use.

Weight 288.1 g
Dimensions L 10.9 x W 5.1 cm


Reference: For a similar item,The British Museum, item 2005,0501.100

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