Western Asiatic Urartu Bronze Socketted Long Axehead with Lion


A very fine Urartu cast bronze axe-head, featuring a long, slender handle, which narrows in the centre. The axehead has a rounded cutting edge, flared socket and features a resting male lion on its top. Incised lines have been used to add detail to the lion. The item is covered in a beautiful deep olive green patination.

Date: Circa 9th-6th Century BC
Provenance: From a Japanese collection, 1990s.
Condition: Extremely fine, complete and intact. Some earthly encrustations to the surface.


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Urartu was an Iron Age kingdom situated between Asia Minor, Mesopotamia, and the Caucasus mountains, in what was later to be known as the Armenian Highlands. The kingdom was centred around Lake Van and corresponds to the biblical Kingdom of Ararat. Urartu refers predominantly to the region, whilst the term “kingdom of Urartu” is used for the Iron Age state that developed in that region. The Urartu language is known to us from cuneiform inscriptions and was similar to the language spoken by the Hurrians.

Weight 307.9 g
Dimensions L 32.5 x W 7.4 cm



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