Copper Hoard Culture Harpoon

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A bronze spearhead or harpoon with thick midrib, triangular barbed blade and two pairs of lateral barbs above a loop.


Date: Circa 1500 BC
Period: Bronze Age
Provenance: Uttar Pradesh, Northern India
Condition: Very Fine with good stable bronze.


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Copper Hoard Culture describes the complexes in the northern part of the Indian subcontinent which include axes, harpoons and swords with so-called antenna grips. They occur mostly in hoards large and small and are believed to date to the second part of the 2nd millennium BCE. Some Copper Hoard items have been assigned a ritual rather than practical function (Yule: 1985″).

Weight 205 g
Dimensions L 20.8 cm


Time Period


Reference: See Yule, P. The Bronze Age Metalwork of India, Prähistorische Bronzefunde XX, München, 1985 for discussion.

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