Bronze Age Celtic Knife

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An excellent example of a Celtic knife, covered in dark green patina. It features a flat, curved blade that is common in Celtic knife design, and a handle with three holes in it that culminates in a ring. The handle and top ridge of the knife features a linear pattern, while the right side of the blade has a dotted motif runnind along it.

Date: Circa 800-500 BC
Period: Bronze Age
Condition: Very good condition. Some wear and patination visible.


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This dagger is an example of a falcata, the type of sword used by the Celts. A falcata was single-edged, with a blade that bended inwards, and then back outwards at the tip. This shape was thought to distribute the weight of the weapon, allowing both momentum and thrust when used, as well as a long cutting edge.

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Dimensions L 21.5 cm