Late Medieval Bronze Knife

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A medieval sharp-pointed, dull-edged bronze personal knife, with a sabre-shape blade. Fitted with a wooden tang scale hilt.


Date: 14th -16th century AD
Provenance: From the Brookie family collection, Preston, Lancanshire. Bought in the 1990's from the ADA London gallery.
Condition: Fine. There is some minor chipping along the blade's edge and damage to the hilt.


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The use of knives, along with forks and spoons, as an eating implement developed in the 14th century and became cemented in the 16th. Personal cutlery sets would be carried, most often in a small leather poach, up until the 17th century. Knife handles could be made in a variety of materials, including wood, ivory, silver and gold. Ceramic handles were imported in the 18th century from China. Cutlers were required by law to mark their blades on production, to regulate the production of arms. Cutler marks range from a fleur-de-lys, to toads, to crowns and a great many are still unknown.

Weight 39.4 g
Dimensions L 19.7 x W 1.6 cm