Rare Bronze Age Knife


A mid-European cast bronze knife. The blade is formed as a curved casting, thickening towards the outside of the curve, and with an edge to the inside. The handle has a depression on each side, and four piercings accommodate rivets to hold an organic inlay in place. Two of these rivets still remain. The piece has been mounted on a custom made stand for display, some patination to the surface.

Date: Circa 800-500 BC
Period: Late Bronze Age
Condition: Very fine condition with areas of golden patinated bronze with darker green patinated areas


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European Bronze Age farmers differed from their stone-cutting predecessors – they used horses and chariots to work; kept flocks of sheep for woollen clothing; and used bronze as a standard commodity of exchange. Technological development was rapid; the manufacture of tools and weapons increased; and specialised equipment emerged for shaving, woodworking, and metalworking.

To discover more about Celtic culture, please visit our relevant blog post: Bronze Age Britain.

Weight 59 g
Dimensions L 18.8 cm


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