Large Bactrian Bronze Ceremonial Mace Head


An ancient Bactrian large bronze ceremonial mace head, featuring a lentoid head with a rounded cutting edge. Four tapering prongs project downwards, forming a claw-like socket opening for a wooden shaft. Patination and earthly encrustations are visible to the surface.

Date: 2nd millenium BC
Condition: Fine condition, patination and encrustation visible to the surface.

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Bactria or Bactriana was an ancient country situated between the Hindu Kush and Amu Darya mountains. Its relevance centred around 600 BCE and 600 CE, as it served as a significant meeting place for Western and Eastern trade routes as well as being a central location for religious and artistic ideas. This meant large scale migration and resettlement of communities which resulted in a large circulation of new cultures and languages and an accumulation of vast wealth. Bronze became a popular material used to produce weapons along with jewellery and vessels. Mace heads were not only used for warfare but also in religious context. Many were given as votive pieces or to be used in ceremonial events.

Weight 366.9 g
Dimensions L 12.6 x H 10.5 cm



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