Near Eastern Ceremonial Macehead


A Near Eastern ceremonial macehead, carved from beautiful dappled granite. The macehead has a tapered shape with a convex top leading to a conical body with a flattened base. There is a shaft channel running vertically through the centre of the piece. The granite contains a variety of hues creating a dappled effect, including white, black, and grey. The stone is polished and retains a beautiful shine. There are some small areas of rougher surface texture due to age and also some earthly encrustations which is present over the exterior and coating the interior of the channel.

Date: Circa 3rd - 1st Millenium BC
Condition: Excellent Condition. Some earthly encrustation visible to the surface along with minor abrasions consistent with age.

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A macehead may have been mounted on a shaft as a symbol of rank, perhaps a derivative from a weapon of similar form. Throughout the ancient world, maceheads varied significantly in style, material and decorations. Maceheads may not only have served a purpose in warfare, but also in religious contexts. Indeed, maceheads played an important role as votive offerings in shrines and temples across ancient Mesopotamia.

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