Near Eastern Marble Ceremonial Macehead


A Near Eastern ceremonial macehead, carved from striking veined marble. The macehead has a slightly flattened spherical shape with a hollow shaft channel running through the centre of the piece. The marble displays a deep reddish brown with delicate white veins extending across the surface. Earthly encrustations is visible across the exterior as well as a fine grey residue coating the interior of the channel.

Date: Circa 3rd - 1st Millenium BC
Condition: Excellent Condition. Some minor abrasions are visible to the surface consistent with age.

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A macehead may have been mounted on a shaft as a symbol of rank, perhaps a derivative from a weapon of similar form. Throughout the ancient world, maceheads varied significantly in style, material and decorations. Maceheads may not only have served a purpose in warfare, but also in religious contexts. Indeed, maceheads played an important role as votive offerings in shrines and temples across ancient Mesopotamia.

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Dimensions L 7.0 x W 5.1 cm



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