Western Asiatic Black Limestone Macehead


A Western Asiatic polished macehead carved from black limestone with natural white striations. The macehead is of a spherical form and is perforated through the centre creating the shaft hole. The piece comes with a custom-made wooden stand.


Date: Circa 2nd-1st Millennium BC
Provenance: Acquired in the 1980s-1990s. Previously with Mansour Gallery, London W1. Property of a North West London gentleman.
Condition: Very fine condition, mounted on a custom-made stand.

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A macehead may have been mounted on a shaft as a symbol of rank, perhaps a derivative from a weapon of similar form. Throughout the ancient world, maceheads varied significantly in different styles and decorations. Several important examples were shaped by the local metalworkers in Luristan and Gilan from the third millennium BC. These maceheads may not only have served a purpose in warfare, but also in religious contexts. Indeed, maceheads played an important role as votive offerings in shrines across Mesopotamia.

Weight 448 g
Dimensions W 7 x H 6 cm



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