Bronze Age Miniature Votive Shield


A flat, discoid, miniature shield made of bronze, with a U-shaped grip to the underside. This unusual item presumably served a votive function, as it is too large in diameter to be a button or stud.

Date: Circa 2nd Millennium BC
Period: Bronze Age
Condition: Fine condition.


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Both before and after the Roman conquest, it was common practice of Celtic peoples to offer miniature weapons at shrines or in a body of water, such as lakes, springs, rivers, and bogs. This ritual is possibly to be associated with success in war, or with the appeasement of a warrior deity for good harvest or health.

To discover more about Celtic culture, please visit our relevant blog post: Bronze Age Britain.

Weight 33 g
Dimensions W 6 cm


Time Period


Reference: Timeline Auctions, upcoming sale 12th - 14th Feb 2015, lot 606.

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