Etruscan Bronze Lion Shield Boss

£ 575.00

An Etruscan bronze shield boss featuring a circular form with a raised central lion hammered from a single sheet. The boss is pierced at the top and bottom, as well as three further holes filled with parts of the original iron nails, used for mounting on a shield. The piece is nicely adorned with a large lion’s portrait, facing forward with prominent facial features such as the ears, eyes, nose and stylised mane. Three concentric ridges frame the boss. Beautiful green patination covers both the front and the reverse.

Date: Circa 7th-5th century BC
Condition: Fine condition, chips to rim and minor cracks around the nose and mane.


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The Etruscans were an ancient civilisation of Italy who set the foundations for Roman culture and arts. For example, as part of a sacrifice for the Etruscans, they would have prisoners fight one another which was later adapted to gladiatorial entertainments displayed in amphitheatres. They were a fine civilisation who lived alongside the Greeks, growing in power until conqueror by the Romans. However, the Etruscans also in part are a mystery as there is no surviving literature or histories even though they taught the Romans the alphabet for literature.

Weight 110.9 g
Dimensions L 19.8 x W 20 cm



Reference: For a similar item,The Christie’s, New York, 10th June 2010, Lot 123

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