European Bronze Age Shield Boss

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An European Bronze Age scutiform shield boss, featuring a domed centre and an otherwise flat body. A the centre of the dome is a single hole pierced. The bronze displays a beautiful vivid green and brown patination due to time. The reverse is undecorated concave at its centre.

Date: Circa 1200-500 BC BC
Condition: Good condition, green patination covers the surface.


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Shield bosses were placed at the centre of round shields and were originally intended to deflect the blows to the shield. They become more elaborate over time and eventually become more of a decorative feature. Such shields have been largely recovered from European Bronze Age graves. Burial customs and grave goods were of great importance across Bronze Age Europe. It is in graves that many of the most impressive and interesting Bronze Age items have been found, as the Bronze Age saw a rise in individual graves which they filled with precious items.


Weight 566.1 g
Dimensions W 15.8 cm



Time Period

Reference: For a similar item, The British Museum, Registration number 1862,1113.1

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