Luristan Decorated Bronze Shield Boss

£ 495.00

A Luristan bronze shield boss of circular form, with a raised domed centre pierced for mounting on a shield. The piece is nicely adorned with four repoussé relieves in a m-shaped, perhaps reminiscent of ibexes. The item features a beautiful, rich olive green patination all across its surface.

Date: Circa 1st millennium BC
Provenance: From the Abelita family collection, 1980-2015.
Condition: Fine condition, with patination on the surface.


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Luristan bronze comes from the province of Lorestan, a region situated in the area of modern South-Western Iran. In ancient times a number of nomadic populations, such as the Medes, the Kassites and eventually the Persians, settled in the area. Due to the nomadic nature of the tribes, none of the Luristan bronzes were of great size, since it was required for them to be light and portable. Shield bosses were placed at the centre of round shields and were originally intended to deflect the blows to the shield. They become more elaborate over time and eventually become more of a decorative feature.

Weight 104 g
Dimensions W 16.3 cm



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