European Bronze Age Socketed Spearhead


A fine European Bronze Age spearhead featuring a leaf shaped blade leading to a long socket with a small piercing used for attachment to a wooden shaft. A slightly raised midrib is visible along the centre with a further ridge parallel either side. The sides of the blade display a bevelled edge. The socket has been further embellished with an incised geometric design including a herringbone pattern.

Date: Circa 1200- 800 BC
Period: Bronze Age
Provenance: From a German collection, pre 1970. Ex North American private collection, 1980s. Surrey, UK, collection,1990s.
Condition: Excellent condition, bright green patination visible across the whole surface. Some minor scratches to the surface.

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Although some Bronze Age spearheads were intended for practical use as weapons in war and hunting, archaeologists believe that some were designed exclusively as religious offerings. Spearheads of all types were attached into long handles modelled in of ash or pinewood, with those functioning as votive offerings usually thrown into bodies of water. Size gives the best indication as to a spearhead’s intended use: smaller spearheads tended to be projectile weapons, whereas larger ones were thrusting weapons. The largest of spearheads were probably the ceremonial ones, on account of their impractical size, with decoration and barbs serving as further indications of their ritual purpose.

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