Large Celtic Spearhead


A slender iron La Tène type spearhead. It has a raised midrib; tapering blade with narrow tip; and short, closed socket with remains of the wooden shaft.

Date: Circa 2nd century BC - 1st century AD
Period: Iron Age
Provenance: Property of a London gentleman; acquired before 1980.
Condition: Fine condition.


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The Iron Age is the final epoch of the three-age system, being preceded by the Stone Age and Bronze Age. The technology of the Iron Age is characterised by the production of tools and weaponry by ferrous metallurgy, more specifically from carbon steel.

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Weight 800 g
Dimensions L 43 cm


Time Period


Reference: Cf. Smith, R.A. British Museum Guide to Early Iron Age Antiquities, reprinted Ipswich, 1994, p.111, fig. 121(5)

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