Achaemenid Bronze Dagger


An Achaemenid dagger cast from bronze featuring a double-edged blade tapering to a point. A raised midrib runs parallel down the blade. The hilt displays a curved grip which turns into a point at the centre. Two small protrusions sit near the end of the hilt which then leads to a curved pommel decorated with ridges.

Date: Circa 6th - 4th century BC
Condition: Fine condition, patination and earthly encrustation is visible to the surface.


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The Achaemenid Empire rose from a strong military and political background which differed to the traditional Mesopotamian kingdoms. It was the largest empire covering Anatolia, Egypt, Western and Central Asia. The empire as a whole was split into many provinces, all reporting to the current king. The greatest king of Achaemenid was Cyrus II, he founded the empire and highly regarded. He brought back many traditions that former kings had banished, thus pleasing the people. He was valued so much so that later authors such as Xenophon wrote praises about the ruler. As a culture they thrived in architecture, metalwork and weaving. As the empire grew, so did the influence of different cultures which can be seen across many items including weapons, seals, jewellery and so on.

Weight 236.3 g
Dimensions L 26.3 x W 2.6 cm



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