Luristan Bronze Dagger Blade


A Luristan dagger blade cast from bronze consisting of a triangular double-edged blade with a pronounced midrib running along the centre. Extending out from the ricasso follows a prominently curved guard slightly framing the hilt. The hilt of such swords was made separately, and unfortunately is nearly always missing from the archaeological records.



Date: Circa 1800 – 600 BC
Condition: Fine condition. Some erosion to the blades edges.


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Luristan bronze comes from the province of Lorestan, a region situated in the in the Zagros Mountains. In ancient times a number of nomadic populations, such as the Medes, the Kassites and eventually the Persians, settled in the area. Due to the nomadic nature of the tribes, none of the Luristan bronzes were of great size, since it was required for them to be light and portable. Their artwork mainly comprises ornaments, vessels and weapons. Cast spike-butted axes are hallmarks of Luristan bronze weaponry during the First Iron Age Period, between 1200 and 1000 BC. Most of Luristan bronze items have been recovered in funerary contexts.

To discover more about the Luristan Empire, please visit our relevant blog post: The Luristan Empire: Beauty of Bronze.

Weight 370 g
Dimensions L 47 x W 6.5 cm



Reference: For a similar item, please seeThe Metropolitan Museum, item 61.261.6

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