Urartu Bronze Dagger

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A very fine Urartu dagger cast from bronze featuring a leaf-shaped blade with a central midrib. The hilt has been cast separately and displays a curved guard. The handle ends with a pointed pommel enriched with horizontal ridges. The two rivet that connect the two parts can be seen on the grip.

Date: Circa 9th-6th Century BC
Provenance: Ex German collection, Cologne, 1980-1990s.
Condition: Excellent condition, green and blue patination to the surface.


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Urartu was an Iron Age kingdom situated between Asia Minor, Mesopotamia, and the Caucasus mountains, in what was later to be known as the Armenian Highlands The kingdom was centred around Lake Van and corresponds to the biblical Kingdom of Ararat. Urartu refers predominantly to the region, whilst the term “kingdom of Urartu” is used for the Iron Age state that developed in that region. The word Urartu signifies high place which may refer to where the culture was situated among the mountains. The Urartu language is known to us from cuneiform inscriptions and was similar to the language spoken by the Hurrians. Weapons, like this fine example, were mainly produced from bronze or iron and served in battle but also as a dedication. There have been many found in temples including swords, daggers, spears and javelins. Some of these weapons were gifted to the gods, placed in ritual spaces or false doorways known as the gates of the gods.

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Dimensions L 26.3 x W 3.5 cm



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