Ancient Bactrian Gold Flower-shaped Appliqué with Garnet


A delicate floral gold appliqué, modelled from a thin sheet of gold. The appliqué features a central circular bezel, containing a vibrant garnet cabochon, surrounded by a granulated frame. Several petals are slightly folded. The reverse remains smooth and features a ribbed hoop added for suspension. Such appliqués would have been part of elaborate necklaces, bracelets or sewed onto garments and ropes. Gold necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets would have been worn in everyday life, but also buried with the deceased.

Date: AD 100-300
Provenance: From a late Japanese specialist collector, 1970-2000s.
Condition: Very fine condition. The gold leaf petals are slightly bent. There is a very small perforation in one of the petals.


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Bactria or Bactriana was an ancient country situated between the Hindu Kush and Amu Darya mountains. Its relevance centred around 600 BCE and 600 CE, as it served as a significant meeting place for Western and Eastern trade routes as well as being a central location for religious and artistic ideas. This meant large scale migration and resettlement of communities which resulted in a large circulation of new cultures and languages and an accumulation of vast wealth.

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Weight 0.34 g
Dimensions L 1.2 x W 1.2 x H 0.6 cm



Semi-Precious Stones

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