Anglo-Saxon Bronze Zoomorphic Strap-End


An Anglo-Saxon strap-end cast from bronze featuring an elongated body tapering to a rounded point. The end is enriched with a zoomorphic animal’s head rendered in a stylistic manner. The body displays two panels of niello inlays, each displaying spiral motifs. The reverse is flat and unworked. Two intact rivets are displayed at the wider end.

Date: Circa 7th-8th century AD
Condition: Fine condition, some wear and patination due to age. A slight scratch to the reverse.


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Metal work is one of the only types of early Anglo-Saxon art to have survived. A wide range of metals were used with the most common being bronze, silver and gold. During the early period, the Anglo-Saxons were heavily influenced by the Germanic and therefore many zoomorphic and animal imageries can be seen enriching differnt items. More distinctive Anglo-Saxon characteristics evolved including intricate and finer detailing along with symmetrical designs. The metal work was so complex, it became well known across Western Europe by the 10th century AD.

Weight 14.18 g
Dimensions L 5.6 x W 1.6 cm



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