Boeotian Protome

£ 250.00

Terracotta protome with a carved female face. The female figure has been carefully rendered with a curved pointed nose, prominent chin, and shallow forehead. The outlines of her shoulders and head are suggested in the carving, although they are not explicit. Her parted hair is crowned by a low polos, on which there is a small incised hole.

NB: Without its stand, this item weighs 93 grams. A custom-made stand is included in the price.


Date: 5th Century BC
Condition: Fine condition.

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A protome, comparable to a bust, typically depicts the head of a human or animal, and would have been affixed to the side of a building for decoration. Examples comparable to this one have been discovered in the Necropolis at Halae, and date to 420-390 BC.


Weight 205 g
Dimensions W 7 x H 10 cm



Pottery and Porcelain

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