Bronze Age Scythian Gold Zoomorphic Mount

£ 895.00

A Scythian gold zoomorphic mount featuring the ‘running dog’ motif- common to Scythian mounts. The dog is shown from the side, with its four legs positioned in a ‘cartwheel’ formation to suggest movement. The tail is likewise positioned in the air to add a sense of realism and dynamism to the running dog. There are three loop holes on the reverse.

Date: Circa 4th Century BC
Condition: Very good condition.


Scythia was an area in central Eurasia, bordering the Black Sea and consisting largely of nomadic tribes. Scythian art was primarily decorative in its nature, and the Scythians were famed for their jewellery, which was highly ornate and carefully crafted.

This gold zoomorphic mount would have been affixed to garments of clothing as decoration. Such items normally would have been affixed in patterns, with multiple gold mounts on a single item of clothing. Gold was so integral to Scythian fashions that even their horses were richly decorated in gold ornamentation. The reverse of this piece clearly shows the three suspension holes by which it would have been attached to a garment.

To discover more about Scythian culture, please visit our relevant blog post: Scythian Gold.

Weight 0.41 g
Dimensions L 2 cm




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