Bronze Plaque With Europa

£ 1,500.00

A cast bronze plaque depicting the goddess Europa, who is seated facing left upon a high-backed throne. The goddess is draped, with her head and shoulders covered by a mantle. In her right hand she holds a patera, whilst her left arm rests on the arm of the throne, clutching a jug in her left hand. A lioness sits at the right of Europa’s feet, and a sapling flanks her on the immediate left. There are spiralling columns on either side of Europa, which form the support of the portico, and two bells are visible above her on the right-hand side.

Date: Circa 2nd Century AD
Condition: Excellent condition.


Europa is a figure from many Greek Myths. In the most popular version of the myth, she is a Phoenician princess who was picking flowers one day when Zeus spotted her and fell instantly in love with the princess. He disguised himself as a bull and approached Europa. She was curious of the gentle bull and climbed onto his back, at which point Zeus whisked her away to Crete where the pair had 3 children; Minos, Rhadamanthys, and Sarpedon. Minos would become the future king of Knossos, Rhadamanthys would become a judge of the underworld, while Sarpedon would become famous in the Trojan War. Zeus left Europa and his children, and the bull which he had disguised himself as became the Taurus Constellation. Europa gave Europe its name, and her story became highly popular in Ancient Greek Art.

Weight 622 g
Dimensions W 8.8 x H 8 cm



Greek Mythology

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