Byzantine Gold Floral-Shaped Appliqué


A fine Byzantine gold appliqué, modelled in the shape of an outward pointed quatrefoil flower decorated with an intricate design using filigree. The piece is further enriched with a single loop (now blocked) at the centre for suspension, and is pierced longitudinally on all sides. The reverse is slightly concave and unadorned, some earthly encrustation is visible to the surface.

Date: Circa 6th - 7th Century AD
Provenance: Private collection, Japanese gentleman (deceased) 1970-2010
Condition: Very fine condition. Slight crack to the back, blocked central loop. Minor sideway dent on one end.

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Byzantine jewellery was a full continuation of the Roman traditions. Production in the old jewellery centres of Alexandria and Antioch gave way to an increased production in Constantinople. In the Byzantine Empire, jewellery played an important role, acting as a way to express one’s status yet has also been used as a diplomatic tool. A variety of different metals were used such as silver, bronze, copper or gold, much like this example, to embellish vessels, ornaments and jewellery.

To find out more about different metal decorative techniques please see our relevant blog post: Decorative Metalwork Techniques

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Dimensions L 1.2 x W 1.15 cm



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