Egyptian Gold Repoussé Plaque with Hathor Scene

£ 950.00

A rectangular gold plaque with repoussé scene of a kneeling female. She makes the gesture of jubilation by holding one hand to her chest and the other above her head; in front of her is an offering table piled with food. At the other end of the plaque, the goddess Hathor is sat on a throne. She wears a tripartite wig and tight fitting robes; she holds a sceptre, and is crowned by the cow horns and sun-disc.

Date: Circa 332 - 30 BC
Period: Ptolemaic Period
Provenance: Property of a London gentleman; formerly from an important European collection; previously acquired on the German art market before 1980.
Condition: Excellent condition.


Hathor was an Egyptian goddess, usually depicted as a woman with the head or ears of a cow, or occasionally as a whole cow. She was considered a primal goddess and was thus a key figure in Egyptian religion.

Repoussé is a metalwork technique which involves shaping very thin, malleable metal from the reverse, in order to create a design in low relief. It was a technique used even in ancient times to create delicate gold- and silverware.

Weight 0.6 g
Dimensions W 4 x H 2.6 cm




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