Egyptian Gold Repoussé Plaque with Isis Scene


A stunning, semi-circular plaque of gold, depicting a repoussé image of the goddess Isis. She is shown kneeling, with arms and wings outstretched. She wears a closely-fitted dress and a tripartite wig with a throne-shaped crown.

Date: Circa 664 - 332 BC
Period: Late Dynastic Period
Provenance: Property of a London gentleman; formerly from an important European collection; previously acquired on the German art market before 1980.
Condition: Excellent condition.


Isis was one of the most important deities in Egyptian religion: she was the goddess most often associated with birth and creation, on account of her role in the Osirian myth. Worship of the goddess was widespread, and extended beyond the confines of Egypt – indeed, the secret cult of Isis in ancient Rome receives frequent mention in Classical literature.

Repoussé is a metalwork technique which involves shaping very thin, malleable metal from the reverse, in order to create a design in low relief. It was a technique used even in ancient times to create delicate gold- and silverware.

Weight 0.35 g
Dimensions W 3.6 cm



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