Fine Roman Bronze Appliqué Of Apollo


A finely detailed Roman bronze hollow-backed appliqué, possibly Apollo, wearing an elaborate headdress and necklace. The features are well-modelled, and the metal shows attractive, dark honey-brown patination.

Date: Circa 3rd Century AD
Condition: Fine condition.


Apollo, who was known to the Romans as Phoebus, was one of the most important deities in the Graeco-Roman canon. He was the god of oracles, healing, the sun, and poetry among other attributes. His multivalent nature, importance, and prevalence in mythology means that he was a popular deity both for worship and for artistic interpretation. He was the son of Zeus and Leto, and was a twin with Aretmis (goddess of the hunt). He had key sanctuaries at Delos and Rhodes- with Rhodes being famous for one of the seven wonders of the ancient world- the colossus of Rhodes which was an enormous statue of Apollo himself standing across the harbour.

Dimensions H 6 cm



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