Roman Bronze Cupid’s Head Appliqué

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A finely rendered Ancient Roman cast bronze appliqué of a youth’s head in profile, possibly that of Cupid. The figure has incredibly delicate features, such as finely coiffured hair and chubby cheeks, which are attributes characteristic of Cupid. The reverse is hollow with a rivet for attachments.

Date: Circa 1st - 3rd Century AD
Condition: Fine condition, some patination remains on the surface.


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During the Hellenistic period, the representation of Eros, Greek counterpart of Cupid, underwent a significant change. The god who had previously been depicted as a slender, nude youth was re-envisioned as a chubby toddler. This shift in Cupid’s form seems to run parallel to the increasing interest in the representation of children as subject matter in Hellenistic art. This notably youthful image of Eros carried over into that of Cupid in the Roman period, not only in representations of the god himself but also in mythological or genre scenes depicting multiple Erotes or putti.

Weight 15.1 g
Dimensions W 2.5 cm



Roman Mythology

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