Framed Viking Gold Domed Appliqués


A framed selection of three large Viking gold appliqués, finely modelled from gold. Though of different sizes, all feature a domed hollow shape and a small loop to the reverse for suspension. The appliqués have been placed in a custom made frame.

Diameters of the appliqués roughly 3.3cm, 3.0cm, 2.6cm.

Date: Circa 9th - 12th Century AD
Provenance: Japanese private collection, deceased 1970-2010.
Condition: Fine condition. Slight dent to the largest appliqué.

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Both Viking men and women enjoyed wearing jewellery as an indicator of wealth and social status. Indeed, pieces were fashioned from a range of materials spanning bone to gold, with decoration influenced by the cultures that the Vikings had encountered on expeditions. Appliques of this type, were used in Viking society to decorate dresses and garments, and were modelled using different techniques.

Weight 223.8 g
Dimensions L 13.3 x W 13 x H 3.2 cm




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