Graeco-Roman Lead Mount with Helmeted Bust


A Graeco-Roman rectangular lead mount decorated with a figural scene and an inscription. Formed in low relief, the plaque depicts a helmeted figure, whilst the remnants of an inscription can be seen in the lower left corner. Written in Latin characters, the inscription reads ‘HVNV[.]’ Whilst the scene is no longer definitive, the inclusion of a helmeted figure could suggest a military association. The reverse features the remains of a fixing staple.

Date: Circa 2nd-3rd century AD
Provenance: Acquired 1979-1999. Ex deceased estate, London, UK, collection.
Condition: Fine condition.

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Rectangular lead mounts such as these were used to embellish items and clothing, largely in the form of belts. The latter were highly important to Roman soldiers and it was considered a staple of the military uniform. Rectangular belt mounts were mainly decorative but did serve to stiffen the leather belt. Figurative scene were popular from the 2nd century and could include depictions of Romulus and Remus and the wolf, a hunting scene or cornucopia.

Weight 28.5 g
Dimensions L 3.5 cm



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